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Architectural Control

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) works with owners to protect property values and ensure Canterbury remains an attractive residential equestrian community.

For all Canterbury properties, written approval from the ACC is required before any building, fence, wall or other structure is constructed or altered or changed to a different color.

Owners need to fill out the Architectural Approval Request form (instructions here) and submit it to the ACC or one of its members below. Three ACC and/or Board members must approve the submission before you can begin work on your project. You will recieved a copy of the signed form for your records.

It would also be beneficial to review the HOA Documents page for additional forms and guidance, as well as our controlling HOA Covenants, especially Sections III through X.

NOTE:A "Resolution on Renewable Energy Devices" has been adopted by the Board of Directors to guide owners wishing to install a solar energy device or a wind-electric generator.

The ACC email address is

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