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Frequently Asked Questions

Is recreational shooting allowed?
While the covenants do not explicitly address recreational shooting, they do give the HOA wide leeway over issues concerning noise and nuisance. Canterbury is primarily an equestrian community and horses may become startled at unexpected loud noises such as gunshots. This can lead to property damage and/or serious injury to bystanders, and therefore recreational shooters can expect to hear from the HOA about this. There are many indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, gun clubs, and open national forest land nearby where recreational shooters can enjoy the activity without posing a safety risk to neighbors in the community. The HOA strongly encourages everyone to take advantage of these excellent resources and not put their neighbors into harm's way.

Can I have a recreational vehicle (RV)?
The HOA requires that all recreational vehicles be parked in a manner where they are not a visual nuisance from the street or neighboring properties. As with most things, a little common courtesy in this situation will go a long way to preventing problems.

Can I build a detached workshop or guest house?
Outbuildings of varying types may be allowed, but they must comply with our architectural requirements and be approved by the ACC in writing. The HOA has the right to seek injunctions against any building which was not approved by the ACC. It's always best to discuss the specifics of your proposed building with the ACC to ensure your plans won't run into problems.

Can I operate a business on my property?
Canterbury's covenants state that only home-based "professional" businesses may be operated in Canterbury provided they remain compliant with strict regulations on activity, traffic, and signage. A very good "rule of thumb" is to consider whether or not a neighbor will be able to tell from outward appearances that a business is operating on your property. If the answer is "yes", then the business will be in violation of the covenants. Canterbury is a residential community and the HOA will take measures necessary to preserve its strictly residential environment.

What if I drive a business/commercial vehicle for my job?
Daily vehicle traffic from tractor-trailors, box trucks, heavy machinery, and other commercial vehicles that would not be allowed in a typical residential environment will also not be allowed in Canterbury. "Daily driver" vehicles such as pickup trucks, vans, or passenger cars modified for work use are usually allowable providing they are not parked in such a manner as to be considered signage or advertising for the company. Numerous business vehicles which make a residential Canterbury property look like a corporate parking lot would not be allowed.

Who maintains Canterbury's roads?
El Paso County administers the right-of-way and is responsible for all maintenance and repair on Canterbury's roads.

Why aren't the roads paved?
Many owners prefer dirt roads for horseback riding. Many years ago the county offered to pave Canterbury's roads and numerous owners asked them to not do it. At present the county has no plans to pave Canterbury's roads themselves, and any owner-based initiative to do so would require the owners to pay the entire cost of the paving project.

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