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HOA Documents and Forms
Governing Documents

Covenants Articles of Incorporation By-Laws


5.01 - Adoption of Policies 5.02 - Conflict of Interest
5.03 - Alternative Dispute Resolution 5.04 - Reserve Studies
5.05 - Investment of Reserves 5.06 - Inspection of Records
5.07 - Collections 5.08 - Covenant Enforcement
5.09 - Meeting Procedures 5.10 - Commercial Activity
5.11 - Gardens, Planters and Greenhouses  

Covenant Complaint Form

Complaint Form -- This form is required to be completed and signed in order to submit a complaint for covenant violation. The signed form must be emailed to the board's email address or mailed to the Association's PO Box address.

Architectural Forms and Guides

Architectural Approval Form -- Use to apply for approval of proposed structure, including modifications, improvements, barns, outbuildings, fences, additions, decks, repainting and re-roofing

Architectural Approval Form Instructions

Color Selection for Homes and Other Structures -- A Guide

Auxiliary Building Architectural Compatibility Guidelines

Resolution on Renewable Energy Devices

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dogs in Canterbury

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