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Neighborhood Watch

Rural areas are increasingly at risk for property crime due to being perceived as "easy targets". Criminal elements are always scouting for "opportunities" and the Neighborhood Watch is a visibly important tool to deter crimes of opportunity.

Your neighbors are your extra eyes and ears in crime prevention. Cooperating and communicating together, you "have each other's back".

Report suspicious activity to the El Paso County Sheriff:

If non-emergency call the dispatch number: (719) 390-5555.
Call 911 for emergencies.

You can also report the following types if incidents on-line to the County Sheriff at :

- Criminal Tampering (No Suspect or Evidence)
- Lost Property
- Littering of Private Property (No Suspect or Evidence)
- Theft (No Suspect or Evidence)
- Criminal Mischief
- Criminal Trespass Auto (No Suspect or Evidence)

If you would like more information on our Neighborhood Watch program please contact the association's board of directors.

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